• BOOGIE: Warracknabeal resident and keen sportsman Guy Quick, showed Warracknabeal Recreational Aquatic Club activity day attendees a thing or two on how to “boogie” on water. The well known wake board “star” drew a collective gasp from the crowd when he first flew into the air and finished the impressive trick with a complete flip. Further photos of the event will appear in Friday's 17th December edition of the Warracknabeal Herald.

WARRACKNABEAL Recreational Aquatic Club members welcomed a strong crowd of nearly 100 people to the creek on Sunday, when they hosted the clubs first novelty activities event.
Starting the day with an attempt of 10 knee boarders gliding along the creek at once, the club was pleased to “almost hit the mark”, with nine keen aquatic members sailing along the water.
Up next, the crowd was entertained by a wake board display, with Warracknabeal resident, Guy “Boogie” Quick stealing the show with a series of flips and impressive tricks.
Five keen skiers then tried their luck at a slalom course.
The slalom course consists of a series of buoys arranged into a slalom pattern. There are successive "gates" lined up in a straight line in the middle of the course for the boat to drive through, called boat gates.
While the boat continues in a straight line, skiers must weave their way through the obstacles.
Despite the region being dry for many years, it was evident that skiers hadn't “lost their knack”, with good displays of skill seen by a cheering audience.
Breaking for a leisurely lunch, guests were pleased to have a visit from the man in red, with Santa stopping in to catch a bit of the fun.
However, Santa soon lost the attention of the crowd, when Warracknabeal plumber, Fraser Quick captured their attention with his attempt at “bath tub skiing”.
“All in all it was a good day,” Warracknabeal Recreational Aquatic Club president Corey McFarlane  said.
“The club was grateful for the support considering it was not the best weather and the water was a little murky from recent rain,” he said.
With the club enjoying the success of the day, Mr McFarlane said they were hoping to host a similar day in January.
“We hope to be able to try a pyramid and perhaps have a ski shop come over here so residents can try different skis,” he said.