• PIPED: Stacks of nine inch PVC pipes lay on paddocks adjacent to the Henty Highway in readiness for laying through to Sea Lake as part of a $16.6 million project to provide Australian standard drinking water to towns along the way.

THE townships of Brim, Beulah, Hopetoun, Sea Lake and Woomelang will receive a drinking quality water supply by the end of 2018.
These towns have relied on untreated pipeline water from the Grampians since the inception of piped water in stage two of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline scheme, although Grampians water have supplied drinking water tanks on trailers in each town as an interim measure.
Works on a new 133 kilometre pipeline valued at $16.6 million including some renewal of existing infrastructure, will commence early in 2018, and will be constructed from Warracknabeal to Sea Lake, via Brim, Beulah, Hopetoun and Woomelang.
Cost effective
Managing Director Mark Williams said, ‘The option of a pipeline was evaluated against the cost of building water treatment plants in the towns and treating water locally and proved to be the most cost effective solution’.
The provision of drinking water is being reinstated in the towns of Beulah, Brim and Woomelang that were downgraded to regulated supplies in 2011.
“This is a great initiative that is being welcomed by our customers. Not only does it provide these townships with drinking quality water, it has the potential to attract new- comers and business to the towns,” he said.
Pump Stations
The pipeline water will be sourced from Lake Bellfield and will be treated to the ‘Australian Drinking Water Guidelines’ at the Warracknabeal Water Treatment Plant.
Key elements of the project are two new pump stations at Warracknabeal (Pump Well & Pump Shed) and a new pump station at the Hopetoun treatment plant.
The project will also include a new pump station and chlorinator at Sea Lake storages with new clear water storage tanks at Warracknabeal, Hopetoun and Sea Lake, and involve trunk main link pipelines and chlorinator upgrades at Brim, Beulah and Woomelang.
Contractors have already surveyed the course of the pipeline with pink flags and truck loads of the pipes are now on site adjacent to the Henty Highway heading north from Warracknabeal.
The pipeline from Warracknabeal to Hopetoun will be 225mm or nine inches in internal diameter and from Hopetoun to Sea Lake in 200mm or eight inch, blue PVC pipe lengths.
Mr Williams said ‘GWMWater has been working with rural landowners along the proposed route in readiness for contractor Mitchell Water Australia Pty Ltd to commence works as early as February 2018.’
Once the drinking water supply has been declared, Brim, Beulah, Sea Lake and Woomelang will move from a non-drinking water supply or partially treated water supply tariff to a potable (drinking) water supply tariff, the same as all other towns receiving potable water such as Horsham, Warracknabeal and Birchip.
GWMWater looks forward to delivering this important project to our customers and providing a secure, safe and high quality drinking water supply to Brim, Beulah, Sea Lake and Woomelang.
GWMWater will update customers as works progress through future releases.