WITH perfect conditions and great turn out for the first round of the District 17 Fire Brigade running competitions held last Sunday at Anzac Park.

Teams travelled from Horsham, Stawell and Hamilton to compete for points in the series. The day started well with the U/14 and U/17 junior teams.With Angus Byron winning the U/14 one man marshall and Kynan Jonasson coming second in the U/17 one man marshall. Continuing in the two- man marshall , with Declan Whelan and Jaslyn Jonasson winning the U/14 section.

Then to finish off marshalls section with the 4-man marshall, Warracknabeal juniors took out both age sections, our U/14 team of Jaslyn Jonasson, Cody Polack, Angus Healey and Benjamin Holland and U/17 team of Kynan Jonasson, Ben Williamson, Angus Byron, and
Jacob Rooke. Then onto the hydrant race where Angus Byron won the U/14’s event, and U/17’s,  Kynan Jonasson second and Ben Williamson third.The U/14 team of Declan Whelan and Angus Byron won the wet hose two competitor event .

Continuing on with striking first and second Disc event, where U/14 team of Declan Whelan, Angus Byron, Cody polack and Rohan Richards won this event also this same
team took out the U/14 striking one disc twice event.Finishing off the juniors, Warrack’s U/17 team of Kynan Jonasson, Ben Williamson, Jacob Rooke and Jaslyn Jonasson won both the striking first and second disc and striking one disc twice.

Both U/14 and U/17 teams had a very successful day, and had lots of fun in process. Coach Cameron Whelan was really happy with the way the junior teams competed.

The winning trend continued with Warrack’s senior team with Jordan Winsall second in
one-man marshall. Continuing with the two-man marshall, Jordan Winsall
and Devon Winsall won this section.

Then to finish the marshall section, with the 4-man marshall, Cameron Whelan, Jordan Winsall, Devon Winsal and Shaune Winsall winning this event.

The hydrant race was won by Sean Winsall and the ladder race won by Jordan Winsall.On to the Hose-and- Reel events where Warracknabeal continued on well with these events.

With Warraracknabeal team of Devon Winsall, Cameron Whelan, Shaune Winsall, Clinton Jonasson and Jordan Winsall, winning the hose and ladder 5’s event.

Warracknabeal then took out the hose and reel champion 4 event, won by Jordan Winsall, Cameron Whelan, Shaune Winsall and Devon Winsall .

The Warracknabeal team of Devon Winsall, Cameron Whelan, Shaune Winsall, Clinton Jonasson, Jordan Winsall, Zac Winsall and James Allen took out the hose and reel 6’s event

To finish off the day Warracknabeal team of Devon Winsall, Cameron Whelan, Shaune Winsall, Clinton Jonasson, Jordan Winsall, Zac Winsall, Jeremy Jonasson and
James Allen took out the Y coupling and ladder 8’s.

Overall Warracknabeal Fire Brigade competition running team had a very successful day in both juniors and seniors picking up lots of points for the series.

There was a great amount of support from family , friends and supporters of all teams

This Saturday, the teams head to Horsham to compete in the WDFBA Western and Wimmera Competitions where they will face some tough competition taking on teams from Melton, Geelong West, Horsham, Warrnambool, Stawell, Hamilton and Arrarat.