23 February, 2024

All to play for in final round

The final round of the Horsham Cricket Association gets underway tomorrow with the final two-day game.

By Chris Graetz

Angus Adams looks for a single for the Tigers against Lubeck Murtoa.
Angus Adams looks for a single for the Tigers against Lubeck Murtoa.

Homers currently sit on top of the ladder with the same amount of wins as West Wimmera. Bullants sit third with six wins and Tigers fourth on five wins.

The Horsham Saints currently sit fifth on four wins, and are an outside chance of making the finals in what would be a massive feat.

The Bullants and Tigers face off at Horsham City Oval in the match of the round. The Bullants are at full strength and following a loss to Laharum will look to bounce back. Should the Tigers lose, it opens the door up for the Saints to enter the top four albeit with a slim chance.

The Saints have a daunting task against Homers at Sunnyside. The Homers will be looking to bounce back with a vengeance following their big loss to West Wimmera. Should the Saints win by a good margin they could find themselves in the top four.

Saints captain Gary Davidson said it has been a good year for the club.

"We have a lot of young players and they have played well adjusting to A-Grade. It was a good move to restructure the competition and it worked. It will all be about gaining confidence ahead of next season," Davidson said.

Lubeck host West Wimmera at Murtoa Recreation Reserve. Out of the finals, Lubeck will look to end the season well.

Blackheath Dimboola and Laharum play each other at Dimboola Recreation Reserve, but not in a two-day match, but rather a one-day next Saturday.

With the ground being booked for the Peter Taylor Barefoot Waterski Memorial, they couldn't find another ground and both captains decided to make it a one-day match instead.
Bulls captain Sam Leith said it ensures everyone has more fun.

"It's been hard fielding sides for a two-day match, and it is even harder when you are bottom of the ladder and not a chance for finals, so with the ground being booked, I approached Laharum with a view to a one-day match," Leith said.

"It means everyone has more fun. Laharum are a good bunch of blokes and we always have fun against each other.

"This week we will go and support C-Grade in their final match against Homers at Dimboola."

Laharum captain Daniel Griffiths said it's important to go into the off-season with a win.

"We had a good win last week but to show we are heading in the right direction, a win will give the boys a lot of confidence heading into next season.

"Unfortunately it isn't a two-day game but we will be ready to go."


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