19 December, 2023

Green win thriller

Blue sky and sunshine started the day for junior tennis players on Saturday morning in their last match before the holiday break.

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Edison Stasinowsky returning.
Edison Stasinowsky returning.

Blue and Purple, number four and five pairs had a lengthy tie break set to kick off the days
play. Tyler Preston and Milla Eldridge (Blue) and Ruby Tregenza and Archer Keam (Purple)
played a thriller, with fabulous rally’s and great work at the net. Purple held on for the win
6-5 (10-8).

After two rounds of play, there was only a handful of games the difference, making the final
four sets all important. Lenny and Milla Eldridge (Blue) worked well together against Eljah
Keam and Archer Keam (Purple). All four players displayed good court coverage and shot
placement. Lenny and Milla held on in the end to win another tie break 6-5 (7-2).

Unfortunately for Blue, it wasn’t quite enough, with Purple taking the overall win 51 games
to Blue’s 38 games. Cooper and Edison Stasinowsky won all their sets for Purple, with Lenny
Eldridge winning three out of four sets for Blue.

The second match of the morning was a see-sawing affair between Green and Gold. Zac
O’Connor and Sully Magee (Green) and Campbell Mansfield and Evan Keller (Gold) played an
enthralling tie break, with Campbell and Evan taking the points 6-5 (7-5).

Zeke Clark (Green) and Tilly Barry (Gold) played a fantastic set in the number three singles. Both players gave it their all, with neither player giving in. Eventually there had to be a
winner, with Zeke scoring an important win for his team 6-5 (7-5).

The final result was decided with the last set of the day, with Green clinching a narrow victory with 46 games to Gold 42 games. Seth Keam and Zeke Clark won all their sets for Green, with Campbell Mansfield winning three from four for Gold.

Green v Gold

Seth Keam, Zeke Clarke d Maggie Fisher, Tilly Barry 6-2; Sully Magee, Ryder Nitschke lost to Evan Keller, Harry Fisher 2-6; Zac O’Connor lost to Campbell Mansfield 2-6

Seth d Maggie 6-1; Zeke, Ryder d Tilly, Harry 6-2; Zac, Sully lost to Campbell, Evan 6-5 (7-5)

Seth, Sully d Maggie, Evan 6-4; Zeke d Tilly 6-5 (7-5), Zac, Ryder lost to Campbell, Harry 1-6; Seth, Zac d Maggie, Campbell 6-4

Blue v Purple

Karter Nitschke, Lachie Clyne lost to Cooper Stasinowsky, Edison Stasinowsky 2-6; Tyler Preston, Milla Eldridge lost to Ruby Tregenza, Archer Team 5-6 (8-10); Lenny Eldridge d Eljah Keam 6-3

Karter lost to Cooper 2-6; Lachie, Milla lost to Edison, Archer 2-6; Lenny, Tyler d Eljah, Ruby 6-1

Karter, Tyler lost to Cooper, Ruby 4-6; Lachie lost to Edison 3-6; Lenny, Milla d Eljah, Archer 6-5 (7-2), Karter, Lenny lost to Cooper, Eljah 2-6

Ladder after round 9

1. Green; 2. Purple; 3. Gold; 4. Red; 5. Blue

Junior tennis will return on February 3, 2024.


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