2 November, 2023

'Marathon for Mum' - Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

On Saturday November 11, the Berry brothers: Joel, Jarrod and Tom, alongside close friends, Ben Lakin and Will Robertson, will be running a marathon from 'THE BIG KOALA' to Coughlin Park in Horsham for Breast Cancer Awareness. The event, named...

By Chris Graetz

'Marathon for Mum' - Support for Breast Cancer Awareness - feature photo

On Saturday November 11, the Berry brothers: Joel, Jarrod and Tom, alongside close friends, Ben Lakin and Will Robertson, will be running a marathon from 'THE BIG KOALA' to Coughlin Park in Horsham for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The event, named, 'Marathon for Mum' will begin at 8am with the expected arrival time at the football oval around 12pm.

In years past the brothers have raised awareness for smaller activities in honour of their Mum, Jedda who passed away from Breast Cancer in July 2013.

The boys mission is to bring together the community of the Wimmera and to remember an amazing lady who taught them all valuable lessons of life.

The event will also raise money for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), the organisation that provided the family overwhelming support.

They hope that they will continue to provide information and support to everyone diagnosed with breast cancer and their families and in turn bring reassurance and a smile to people's faces as they go through a tough time.

Last year approximately 20,640 people were diagnosed with Breast Cancer. To date the boys have raised nearly $30,000.

This is not about them, however. Joel Berry said it's for the whole community to get together, share stories and raise awareness for a horrible disease that impacts thousands of people each year.

"The event is more centred around giving people a safe place to come and feel appreciated - to talk about their experiences, rather than donate hundreds and thousands of dollars," he said.

Berry explained that there has been a whole lot of community support around the event.

"It's a disease that a lot of people go through. It only takes a family like ourselves to stand up and make a lasting impact for the better. Something simple like bringing everyone together" he said.

"People rally behind us because it has impacted so many people around the community and everyone is really keen to support and get behind the event."

The support is so massive that people want to participate. Berry wants to emphasise that due to safety reasons, only the five of them can run the marathon, however, there will be an opportunity for people to join in when they get to the football oval.

"The way the event is set up by running on the highway, due to safety reasons, it can only be the five of us," he said.

"Due to the high number of interest and people wanting to run with us, we have made the last 3-5km at the oval the place where people will be able to join in safely.

"We want as many people as possible to join us. We hope to see hundreds of people there - the more the better. Everyone is welcome, fast or slow. We will be running at a slow pace."

Activities start from 11am in anticipation for their arrival. There will be a lot of activities for the kids - football activities and fun and games. AFL players will be present with former Carlton and Brisbane Lion Mitch Robinson headlining the list.

Sponsors for the event are Red Bull (Drinks), LSKD (Clothing), Adidas (Shoes), BCNA and smaller sponsors, Budgie Smugglers and Oakley (Sunglasses)

Berry said the sponsors will have a wide range of activities set up at the oval.

"There will be tents set up with various products. There will be food as well as a barbecue and there will be a coffee van and drinks with both alcoholic and non alcoholic available. There will also be an LSKD double decker party bus as well," he said.

"After we finish the run there will be celebrations where everyone can hang out and talk about their experiences and share stories. There will also be live music.

"After we finish at the oval, from 5pm, we will continue the celebrations at the Exchange Hotel. There will be entertainment and giveaways and music headlined by local band Travalley, supported by another local band in Head Rush."

Training for the event hasn't been easy. Berry said it has been gruelling but at the end of the day it is worth it for such a massive cause.

"At the start it starts off slow, 5km and 8km runs, pushing out to around 10-12km. This took up to a couple of months and by the time you start you have probably run around 500km," he explained.

"The longest session we have done is 38km. It's tough. Training for it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. It's all time management and mental.

"A lot of it has been on our own because of where everyone is located but some of us have been able to train together."

To keep updated about the day with further important information as the day gets closer please follow along on the 'marathonformum' instagram page or feel free to reach out to any of the boys.


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