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13 December, 2023

'Tis the season for helping others

Just in time for Christmas, students at three Lutheran schools in the Wimmera have united to give back to the community.

By Wimmera Mallee News

Stella Moore, 11, Bryce McDonald, 11, Matilda Prenzler, 11, Aaron Pedie, 12, (foreground) Jasper Wood, 12, and Mercedes Paech, 11.
Stella Moore, 11, Bryce McDonald, 11, Matilda Prenzler, 11, Aaron Pedie, 12, (foreground) Jasper Wood, 12, and Mercedes Paech, 11.

St Peter’s Dimboola, Nhill Primary School and Holy Trinity College Horsham have been working together to support local and international charities ahead of the festive season.

Money raised will support various initiatives this month, including non-perishable food hamper items for the Christian Food Bank in Horsham; wrapped children's gifts for the K-Mart Wishing Tree appeal; and items including 10 school sets, 50 metres of water pipes, a goat, a pig and six chickens for children in the Developing World under the Gifts of Grace program.

Students contributed to raising funds in different ways.

St Peter's in Dimboola collected non-perishable food items for the Horsham Food Bank - donations were placed under the Christmas tree in the church and a school member then delivered the food to Horsham.

Grade 6 school captain Jasper Ward, 12, said it was "important to give back to the community this time of year".

"Not everyone has things for Christmas - everyone should be able to enjoy Christmas," Jasper said.

"I'd also like to think that someone would help me and my family out if we were in need around this time of year.

"It's kind of like 'treat others how you'd like to be treated'.

“Christmas for me is a time to spend time with family, to go to church and remember why we celebrate Christmas.”

“It makes me feel good being able to give to people less fortunate than me this Christmas.”

In Nhill, the student representative council (SRC) sold ice blocks, dim sims and hot chocolate, while Holy Trinity's SRC is collecting money from weekly chapel offerings to fund an excursion to K-Mart at the end of the year to buy gifts to place under the store's tree.

Stella Moore, Grade 6 school captain at Holy Trinity Lutheran College Horsham, said giving back was important "because they’ve done lots for us".

“We collected money at chapel offerings during the week,” Stella said.

“It makes us feel good to be able to give to others because they might feel upset because they don’t have as many presents as maybe their friends.”

Fellow Holy Trinity student and SRC member Bruce McDonald, Grade 5, said: “I think it’s nice for people to think of others at this time of year, especially those who don’t have much money or food.

“Christmas is special: it’s my favourite holiday and it’s Jesus’ birthday."

Nhill Public School Year 6 student and vice-captain Matilda Prenzler, 11, said: “Some people might be finding it tough and it will help them to have a good Christmas and a good start to the new year.

“Some of our chapel offerings have also gone to the Australian Lutheran World Service.

“I'm happy we're able to contribute to others and grateful we've been able to raise money to help them.”

“The Australian Lutheran World Service can give people homes to live in if they've lost them or because people are missing out on peace with their family,” Aaron Pedie, 12, another Nhill Public School vice-captain and Year 6 student, said.


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