29 March, 2024

Warrack Racing Club to support locals

Warracknabeal Racing Club has brought in Emma Beaton as Club Manager from 2024 beyond and big things are planned with a focus on supporting the local community.

By Chris Graetz

L-R: Mark Phelan (Chair), Andy Morcom, Emma Beaton (Club Manager), Dale Heubner (Life Member)
L-R: Mark Phelan (Chair), Andy Morcom, Emma Beaton (Club Manager), Dale Heubner (Life Member)

Ms Beaton brings a wealth of experience in event management in sport and recreation and also runs a small business, 'Communities Alive'.

Ms Beaton has consulted with community organistions around management and grant funding through to applications and governance.

Ms Beaton has a lot of experience in regional areas as recently she was based in the Campaspe Shire. In that role of 15 years, she managed recreation services from football and netball facilities to aquatic centres, swimming pools, play spaces and community facilities including multipurpose.

Before that role she was based in Bendigo and has also been a CEO at YMCA in Adelaide.
Ms Beaton said whilst she has no experience in races, her experience and expertise are massive for the club.

"I have always enjoyed horse racing and have a flutter and enjoy going," Ms Beaton said.

"I am new to the area and the opportunity presented itself and I decided to have a go as I have transferable skills in Event Management."

Ms Beaton loves the fact that the club is multi-purpose and has a good structure.

"It's a great club with a good structure and good people and a good community," Ms Beaton said.

"I am going to continue to bring it all together for the community. The events we hold are community-focused and are inclusive of everyone, not just horse racing.

"We have great facilities with a multi-purpose pavilion. We held the Australia Day Ceremony here and we are consistently booked in regards to events and we are booked out for the next two to three months," she explained.

"I hope to grow that as well - to not just be seen for racing in the community, but to get community groups involved so that the space is a great asset. It's a good asset and we want to put it to good use."

Ms Beaton said they want to keep supporting local businesses and sponsors.

"Emmett's have been using demo days for their customers and clients and we want to continue to support them in their business as well as other sponsors locally," Ms Beaton said.

"My broader focus is to support and give back to the local community. We want to focus on supporting local businesses as they are valuable to the community and we need them to survive."

With the Warracknabeal Cup this weekend, Ms Beaton said they have already started to support businesses and it is an example of what they can do moving forward.

"We are featuring a black and ginger wine from Great Western. We are also bringing in sparkling wine from the Pomonal Estate that was struck by the fires a month ago to help support them."


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